Who can be nominated? Any individual living, working or serving, in the DFW community.

Who can nominate? Any employer, business owner, teacher, community leader, or business associate, in the DFW community.

Suggested Criteria

  1. Outstanding Achievement On-The-Job Actions that constitute performance beyond expected standards.
  2. Exceptional Contributions toward Effectiveness and Efficiency of Operations - Actions that contribute to the maximum utilization of resources.
  3. Outstanding Service to other employees or customers - Actions that make an exceptional impression on others.
  4. Special Effort in Promoting Diversity- Actions that contribute to improving sensitivity and implementation of diversity. Affirmative actions to increase awareness of different cultures in the work place or the DFW community.

Information to be provided in the Nomination Petition - Please include specific examples, actions and results/outcome.

  1. Name of Nominee
  2. Place of Employment or Service
  3. Signed Narrative statement of the individuals exceptional contributions in any or all of the following areas (Minimum of 2)
    1. Achievement on the job
    2. Service to others-employees or customers
    3. Contributions to improve effectiveness and efficiency
    4. Participation/Affirmative Actions for a better community
    5. Contact Information of the Nominator